Community College

The Nitty Gritty also known as the "South Jersey Phenoms" made a movie called Community College.

The movie Plot

When a beloved dive bar is about to close its doors forever, it’s up to four dopey alcoholic bar flies to save it. With the genius plan of completing their last few college credits to cash in on a windfall of money-filled congratulatory greeting cards from friends and family, our heroes embark on an educational journey of a lifetime.

With special guest cameos from Scotty Schwartz (A Christmas Story, The Toy), Rich Cronin (LFO, VH1’s Mission: Man Band), Blue Meanie (Former ECW and WWE Professional Wrestler), MC Lars (Post Punk Laptop Rapper), The Reverend Bob Levy (The Howard Stern Show), and Michael Ray Bower (Salute Your Shorts, Evolution). It's sure to the best movie of the year… the decade… the millennium… the EVER!

Movie Trailer:



Link to Hulu's full movie "Community College"

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