New Jersey's JUSTINA is Making Moves

"Songwriter/rapper/vocalist & fashion blogger Justina has spent the last few years honing her skills and building up a strong internet presence with numerous music videos that have appeared on the home pages of top-rated social media platforms such as,,,,,,,,, and many more. Her social media accolades include her “Get High” video which ranked #1 watched video for 3 weeks on, “Boom” which ranked #7 on and her “Hard To The Body” video which was featured on Spike TV’s Top 100 YouTube Videos."

"Following her memorable performances on the Tilly Stage of the 2012 Vans Warped Tour, Justina found herself in heavy demand by various promoters, which led to her serving as an opening act for established artists such as Chris Webby, Shawnna and MGK. More recently she appeared on MTV’s RapFix Show with RCA recording artist Travis Porter & host Sway, where she introduced her latest music video for the blazing street single, “Hip Hop Joan Jett.” She was also a featured act on KarmaloopTV’s Freakathon alongside Travie McCoy & Bun B."

"Justina’s music showcases her eclectic, hip hop and soul-infused, edgy style, which she combines with her playful, pop sensibility and distinctive, signature raspy vocal tone. Her sound has been referred to as Amy Winehouse meets Gwen Stefani and Nicki Minaj, and she cites a diverse range of inspirations and influences including Lil Kim, Tupac, The Beatles, and most importantly her father, who is also a vocalist and accomplished musician. Justina's original music has been featured on popular television shows such as the NBC Steven Spielberg directed hit Smash, VH1's Mobwives, MTV's True Life, Oxygen Network's Running Russell Simmons, Logo tv’s A- List NY, and the CW11. She is also currently gearing up to begin production on a reality TV show that is being produced by Thinkfactory Media, whose credits include the iconic TV series’ Walker, Texas Ranger and Gene Simmons Family Jewels."

Check out a preview of her music here: Justina's Tunes!!!

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Community College

The Nitty Gritty also known as the "South Jersey Phenoms" made a movie called Community College.

The movie Plot

When a beloved dive bar is about to close its doors forever, it’s up to four dopey alcoholic bar flies to save it. With the genius plan of completing their last few college credits to cash in on a windfall of money-filled congratulatory greeting cards from friends and family, our heroes embark on an educational journey of a lifetime.

With special guest cameos from Scotty Schwartz (A Christmas Story, The Toy), Rich Cronin (LFO, VH1’s Mission: Man Band), Blue Meanie (Former ECW and WWE Professional Wrestler), MC Lars (Post Punk Laptop Rapper), The Reverend Bob Levy (The Howard Stern Show), and Michael Ray Bower (Salute Your Shorts, Evolution). It's sure to the best movie of the year… the decade… the millennium… the EVER!

Movie Trailer:



Link to Hulu's full movie "Community College"


New Site and a New Perspective!

This is out first blog post on the new site,! The old site's code started to get old. Problems began to arise which couldn't be fixed. Our programmer turned us to shopify and after a few months of tweaking this and that... we finally have the site up. I'm not a religious guy but I sure as hell am SPIRITUAL! So, a blessing or a positive start off to this venture is a must! 

"Let your love flow outward through the universe,
To its height, its depth, its broad extent,
A limitless love, without hatred or enmity.
Then as you stand or walk,
Sit or lie down,
As long as you are awake,
Strive for this with a one-pointed mind;
Your life will bring heaven to earth. 
Sutta Nipata

All of your days.... SMILE! NO PRESSURE! GOOD VIBES!