It's Within Your Power To Change The World

We've been having a tough time in this economy...all of us. We struggle to pay the phone bill. We refrain from eating out in order to save money for gas to and from work. Enjoying a movie seems a thing of the past. That is why there is more of a need to do jump outside your compfort zone and do things you may not normally do in order to live the life you dreamed of as a child- that is Jersey Trash.

However, there are places in this world and here in the United States where people are less fortunate. So, Itís good to know that when you do finally treat yourself to some frivolous spending, Jersey Trash Clothing will be donating 5% of it's proceeds to Heifer International. Being able to continually feed the world requires exhausting use of our land. Heifer educates, feeds, and gives hope. Because, when your cable gets turned off, it's only fair to realize that it's not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of life.

Give to Live

To learn more about Heifer's mission, visit