About Us - Jersey Trash Clothing, Justin and Jon Kalnas
About Us - Jersey Trash Clothing, Justin and Jon Kalnas

Our Story

Jersey Trash Clothing was developed in 2004 after witnessing what our family had to do in order to make ends meet with some extra cash. As they sorted through trash, they would scrap what they could for money, recycle, and donate the fixable to charity. It takes a lot of courage to pick through someone's trash and they did it - not caring what any passersby would say and always asking permission to rumble through potential treasure. They understood the importance of what could be reused and what could be recycled into something greater. Following in our families footsteps, we plan to put a splash of class in the trash.

Jersey Trash Clothing is not exclusively the population of the "Armpit of America". It was just born here. Instead, Jersey Trash is for every man or woman, carefree of a restrictive world where any dream is achievable. You must believe this to be true. You see, we are the product of our surroundings, but if there is anything that we don't like, we know we have the power to change it.

From the day you were born, you were taught to always "be yourself". However, you are instantly judged when you do so. Jersey Trash Clothing is a way of life - inclusive of all who embrace their individuality, are tolerant of others, and seek to engage in a world where anything is possible. We encourage you to stand out and live life to it's fullest potential, no matter what anyone else has to say about it. This is YOUR LIFE, YOUR TIME... MAKE IT EPIC!


Justin & Jon Kalnas - Founders of Jersey Trash Clothing
- jerseytrashclothing@jerseytrashclothing.com